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Amy Bennett takes a walk through the messy maze of life that will touch the reality of every married person. This is an honest invitation to reject illusions of extra-marital bliss and journey toward health in the long term of ever after.

–Sarah Cunningham, Community Designer at STORY and Author of Picking Dandelions

Recognize Your Emotional Affair, Restore Your Marriage.

  • Have you long since given up on the fairy tale of your marriage?
  • Wondering if your husband wasn’t your soul mate after all?
  • Have you found someone else with whom you’re emotionally connected?
  • Do you wonder what an emotional affair really is?
  • Or are you wondering how to get out of one?
  • Is your marriage in a good place and you want to keep it that way?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’ve been right where you are. I know first-hand what an emotional affair is but more importantly, I know how to get out. Guaranteed.

If you’re ready for an honest, detailed look into an emotional affair from a Christian perspective this is the book for you. I experienced an emotional affair ten years ago and my marriage has been completely restored by the grace of God. Journey with me and see what one looks like, how to get out and how God can meet your deepest need for the love you’re seeking.

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If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with this book, I will gladly refund your money. No hard feelings. No interrogations. Just a quick email will do.

It’s Worth Your Time

You can’t fabricate experience. You’ve either been through this or you can’t possibly communicate the feelings that are so intense. And rarely is anyone who has been through it willing to talk about it at such great length. I’m baring my past all because I’m convinced that words change people.

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